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Peckham Soup Kitchen is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC)
Company Number: 14516375


1. Providing Food: The primary aim is to offer nutritious meals to individuals that are experiencing poverty, homelessness, or food insecurity.

2. Promote Dignity and Empathy: We aim to create a welcoming and non-judgemental environment where our service users can feel valued and respected.

3. Empower Individuals: We offer educational programmes to empower our service users to break the cycle of poverty and to provide the necessary tools and support to improve their life in the long term.

4. Raise awareness and advocate for change: We aim to raise awareness about the causes of poverty, hunger and homelessness, and advocate for social change.


We receive funding from a variety of different sources to maintain a sustainable support service for the community. We have plans to continuously expand our support offer in the future to increase our impact on the community.


We plan to publish our previous and future company accounts on our website to ensure there is full transparency about how our funding is used. Once published, anyone who wishes to view our company accounts can do so on our website.

All future and previous company accounts will be published here in due course.


We also plan to publish our key previous and future meeting minutes to continue our work to ensure full transparency in the work we do.

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